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Nu-Market Ltd is your high-quality supplements producer and distributor. Visit us online and see how we can help improve your health & boot your immunity. Prime plus is available in four delicious flavors and all of them are full of natural antioxidants (black carrot, beet root ,purple potato and beta cartone).  

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We started by creating a brand of bottled water that was infused with positive vitamins and minerals so that everyone including those with lactose intolerance could hydrate in a healthy way. We couldn't find a bottle that satisfied our needs to leave as little of an environmental footprint as possible. The last thing the world needed was another plastic bottle to be thrown away. So we decided to change direction and focus on what we could do now. We went back to our roots and found a solution to our problem. We would package our positive vitamin and mineral combination into an environmentally friendly pouch and we would offer our product as a dietary supplement that could be added to existing bottles of water and where the quality permitted, even add it to tap water.


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At the end of the day, Prime Plus want us to stop buying bottled flavored water and start making our own without the waste. There packets not only taste as good as any other bottled brand, but they …

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just 29.95 for a box of 15 packets per flavor

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What We Offer all 4 flavors just 29.95 each if you order 3 or more free shipping

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